I am a PhD student in artificial intelligence at the University of Toronto with Jimmy Ba and Geoffrey Hinton and a researcher at Google Brain and the Vector Institute. I completed an MRes in CSML at University College London with Tim Lillicrap and Karl Friston. My work is supported by the Vanier Scholarship.

My goal is to discover the computational principles of human thinking and verify them by designing intelligent machines. My research focuses on deep learning, specifically on world models and unsupervised reinforcement learning. You can hear more about my research on the TalkRL Podcast.

Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

See Google Scholar for more publications.


If you would like to work together on a research project, please see this form for more information and to submit your application. I encourage applications from candidates of underrepresented groups and from unconventional backgrounds.

Short Biography

Danijar Hafner is a PhD student at the University of Toronto advised by Jimmy Ba and Geoffrey Hinton. He is also a student researcher at Google Brain and the Vector Institute. His research focuses on artificial intelligence, specifically on deep learning, world models, and unsupervised reinforcement learning. Danijar completed his MRes at the University College London and the Gatsby Unit under the supervision of Tim Lillicrap and Karl Friston. He completed his bachelor’s thesis on deep reinforcement learning for the video game Doom at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany.

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